The importance of choosing the ideal shoe size

What is my snuggies size?

“Are the snuggies a sock? Are they a slipper? What is the best reference for me in terms of size?”
The snuggies adapt to the complex structure of the foot, providing a unique comfort experience.
However, it is super important that you measure your foot before choosing your size, as it may match what you normally wear or even be a size smaller or larger than normal.

What are the consequences of not wearing shoes that fit properly?

1. Significant Discomfort: Footwear can pinch at the toes and not allow free movement of the foot.

2. Injuries: the use of inappropriate shoes can lead to health problems, such as blisters, calluses, ingrown nails and tendon inflammations.

3. Posture problems: footwear that does not fit properly can cause posture problems as it forces the body into awkward positions.

4. Circulation problems: tingling and pain in the feet and ankles are just a few more examples of the consequences we should be aware of.

como medir o pe para o tamanho das snuggies
tabela de tamanhos da snuggies

Now that we understand the importance of choosing the ideal size, here are the steps to follow to find it:

1. Place your foot on top of a sheet, both against a wall, as shown in the image.

2. Afterwards, draw a line in front of the longest finger.

3. Measure the distance between your heel and the line you drew.

4. Repeat these steps with the other foot and refer to the larger measurement.

5. Having made the measurement, we can find the ideal size in the Snuggies Size Guide.

Heads up! In the event that you have a measurement between two sizes, you should choose the one that is closest to your values.

If after following these tips you still have doubts about the size you should order, contact us via email:

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