Sole injection, anatomic needs and much more

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Watch the following interview to learb about injected soles, anatomic needs and other curiosities.

This week, we share with you the testimony of Filipe Alves, directly from the Product Development Team, to answer the questions we get the most and that we feel that differentiate this concept of comfort. What does, actually, mean to have an injected sole? Was the concept created considering different weights, ages and anatomic characteristics? These are some of the most demanding topics in the development process, since it is necessary to ensure solutions to the several needs of kids, women and men's feet. In the first case, a baby that is taking his first steps, for instance, is starting to developing his feet in terms of muscle and arch support, needing footwear that allows every movement without restraints, so that later on there are no limitations on the spine, among others.

Find out everything about this and other questions in this interview.
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