The feeling of being barefoot but protected. A perfect fit with an ergonomic & resistant to deformation sole, that allows the free movement and growth of the feet, without hurting.


A practical indoor footwear with sizes from 20 to 46 which allows that the little and older ones put them on and off easily. Soft, flexible and comfortable, adjusting to the shape
of the foot.


crianca a descalcar snuggies fresh no infantario
snuggies mesh de varias cores para criancas


Safety is assured due to the sole’s material, that allows stability and a perfect grip to the ground, regardless of the activity or the pavement.


Like with “normal” socks, Snuggies can be washed in the machine, whenever you feel like it. We prioritize quality and safety at all stages of the process, therefore they don’t wear out when washed.

lavar snuggies na maquina de lavar

Discover the perfect footwear for any occasion

At home

Coming home and putting on your snuggies will be your new favorite part of the day. When working from home or doing everyday tasks, it's important to keep your feet comfortable at all times. That's why our socks with soles are made with high-quality materials and allow a perfect fit to the foot, so they never slip or come off. Enjoy family moments in the best way.

Yoga and Pilates

The ideal shoe to wear on any pavement. The flexible sole offers cushioning and stability, allowing you to move with ease and freedom. Reach your greatest potential with colorful ergonomic soles.

At School

Guarantee your children's safety at school: offer them comfort and flexibility for all their games and learning. Easy to put on and with non-slip soles, ideal for children to use them safely. Due to the variety of sizes and models, even teachers can take advantage of the snuggies to be comfortable all day.


When packing your bags, choose the right shoes for all your adventures: light and compact, to avoid foot pain and so that you can comfortably enjoy car trip and waitings at the airport.

What are snuggies afterall, and how did the idea come about?