How should I wash my snuggies?

Flexible sole, perfect fit with the sock to it and elasticity: these are some of the benefits of snuggies, but what precautions should we take to contribute to greater durability? Find out everything in today's article 👇

The snuggies washing process is quite simple, you just have to follow a few steps:

1) Cold wash your snuggies for 15 minutes.
Cold washing allows for more respectful cleaning of the materials, with the following benefits: (A) Fiber protection: cold washing helps protect the fibers of the clothes, keeping them soft and preventing damage; (B) Color maintenance: low temperatures make it difficult for parts to fade, unlike higher temperatures; (C) Less shrinkage: this washing mode prevents garments from shrinking and promotes their flexibility.

2) Avoid centrifuging snuggies.
Centrifugation can weaken delicate tissues if the speed is too high. It can also increase the natural wear of the sock over time, since the force of the centrifuge can tighten and twist the fibers. If there is soap or detergent residue, it can cause stains.

3) During the drying phase, do not place them in the dryer, near a radiator or heater.
Let them dry at room temperature! Washing clothes in the dryer increases the wear and tear of materials, as friction between them and the machine shaft, as well as heat, can damage them in the long run. In the same way that washing clothes at high temperatures wears out the colors and fibers of socks, so does the dryer.

4) If you want to remove a more persistent stain, do not use cleaning products that include chemicals or bleach.
It's common sense how abrasive bleach can be to our garments, as well as other similar chemicals. Therefore, it is super important to be careful when choosing the products that we are going to apply to the snuggies to avoid (A) the colors fading, (B) damaging the structure of the fabrics, making them weak and fragile - subject to tearing easily -, (C) skin irritations such as dermatitis or (D) yellowing of parts.

5) Do not scrub intensely with hard bristle brushes.
This can seriously damage the materials used in the socks or damage or deform the pieces. All of these are important precautions to take during the useful life of your snuggies, and before wearing them for the first time, you should also cut the labels with scissors instead of ripping them off, which could cause holes in the socks.

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