What to do on Valentine’s Day? Follow our 5 tips 👇

It’s coming the certainly, most romantic day of the year. Although there are never too many moments to pamper the people, we love the most, there is an atmosphere of even more affection on Valentine's Day and a certain expectation grows of having a special day.
No ideas to create a different program? Follow our tips to be extra cozy with your better half in the comfort of your home this Valentine's Day.

1. As a couple or with friends?
Valentine's Day may not be a big deal for you and your soulmate and liking to spend the evening with other friend couples at dinner or maybe you don’t like to let the day slide without a special program. Start by defining which option you prefer!

2. Choose a mood
Cozy or elegant? It’s important to think about the dynamics of the couple so that the day and/or night is enjoyed by both. Deciding which mood you like best will make it easier to choose other topics such as the menu and activities plan.

3. Menu for two
Ordering takeaway or cooking together? Dinner at the table or snuggled up on the couch? Choose an option that your loved one particularly likes and surprise him/her with his favorite sweets.

serão com amigos em conforto
casal no sofá com calçado para indoors

4. Program
According to what you decided in the first step, it's time to think about the program: if you're going to watch a movie together, play a game between couples to get to know each other better, order a massage to do at home - the priority will be always organize something fun and special.

5. Gifts with meaning
If you want to give each other a small extra treat, you don't need to have a huge budget. Just think of some symbolic gift like a box with photos of some memories together, notes with the things you like most about each other, among other ideas.

You already have everything you need to set a super special Valentine's Day with a low budget and little time, so there are no excuses 😉
Share with us what tips you've taken advantage of!