Last minute Carnival costume ideas for kids

Carnival at the door and you need a little push to create the funniest costumes for the youngest? With so much revelry in the mix, it's even more important to have comfort at your feet and easy-to-make costumes to dance around the parade! Write down our suggestions inspired by children's models and rock this Carnival with your family 😉

1. Pink Disguise: Fairy and Minnie

Pink fans, get your Snuggies Mesh Pink ready for these outfits! For the fairy costume, you just need to buy or make wings for your kids to wear on their back together with a pink skirt or shorts and sweater! To give that final touch of magic, you can easily find a magic wand or make it at home.

2. Yellow Disguise: Wizard and Bee

Still a bit on the magic wave, we leave you the suggestion of a sorcerer, where you can look for a suit or create your own look through a dress/set that already has sparkles or on which you can glue the ones you like the most. The 2nd option is a bee, in which you can opt for a striped shirt and black pants – a practical solution, being pieces that can be used on other days of the year – with a pair of wings, which can be white to be reused in other guises in the future. Both ideas will go perfectly with the Snuggies Mesh Yellow!

3. Green Disguise: Hulk and Dinosaur

For action lovers, we suggest impactful characters like the Hulk or a dinosaur! In case you want to be efficient with the resources you have, you can choose purple pants for the first idea, together with a green shirt, and take care of the makeup! The same with the dinosaur, where you can look for pieces in the same shade of green and make a personalized mask or hat at home. Both the first and second masks will work great with the Snuggies Mesh Green.

4.Orange Disguise: Astronaut and Butterfly

For those who always have their heads in the air, two ideal suggestions: astronaut and butterfly. Once again, in the case of the butterfly, the impact of the wings is felt, and you can use the tip of the white wings to take advantage of others disguises! To contrast, bet on colorful clothing and consider creating your mask at home. For the astronaut, do you have any pajamas in overalls format? If it's a color alluding to space, it will fit perfectly! As for the helmet, decide if you prefer a more professional finish or not, always having options for sale or ideas on how to make your own. Whatever your preference, you will see that the Snuggies Mesh Orange will be a good fit. 😉

5. Blue Disguise: Doctor and Avatar

If your little ones' favorite color is blue, we have two ideas for very different personalities. If your choice is a doctor and you can't find a suit, you can choose light blue pants and shirt, with an adult white shirt unbuttoned, to give the effect of the gown. For that finishing touch, add Snuggies Mesh Blue and a homemade stethoscope! This model will also go very well with the avatar disguise, in which it will be more difficult to customize a suit at home, but for which you can also choose a blue base, which is simpler, and bet on a more detailed face painting, to make the look more flashy.

With these 10 suggestions, it's impossible not to be able to create your own last-minute costumes and ensure comfort and fun. Did you like our ideas? Share with your friends to help them give everything this Carnival 🥳