6 Family Activities to do this Halloween

The scariest week of the year has arrived! Make yourself comfortable and get toknow some of our tips for the most terrifying night inthe best company – family, friends (and, of course, snuggies :). 


1. Set the mood

Start by creating an atmosphere that matches the festivities:
choose a Halloween playlist and light themed candles to make the process even more fun and interactive for the whole family.

2. Bring on the treats

Surprise everyone with a table full of spooky treats or create your own recipe together, asking the little ones for help regarding the theme of each option.

3. Disguise time!

Why not stimulate the creativity of family members through a “Winning Disguise” contest? The winner can be responsible for choosing the next year's
category and the “ceremony” can end with a good Halloween movie!

4. Pumpkins customization? Yeah!

This allows the younger ones to have a sensory experience and to develop their collaboration and creativity skills. Also, by placing the pumpkin outdoors, it creates a sense of appreciation for their effort!

5. Trick or Treat: a classic

Think about the benefits of taking your kids to Trick or Treat. In addition to being a healthy activity by walking, it is a way to get to know better the neighbourhood and encourage the little ones to socialize!

6. Make some memories

After trying out so many fun activities, don't forget to freeze
the moment to remember later! This one can even become a family tradition, so the themed moments of comfort never change.