6 Tips for a cozier home with Realce

When it comes to feel comfortable and safe in your own space, home is a good starting point (and a very important one).
What can you do to add it some personality? Which details make the most difference?
Know all of our tips with some magic insights from Realce – Design and Furniture

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1. Layer it up

Find some nice and quality throw blankets for your living room, but make sure they match with your personality.  Elements like these, pillow or rugs, tend to encourage guests to feel themselves at home.

2. Warmth through lighting

If you’re not certain how to transform a division into a warmer room – visually speaking – start by changing your lighting. Any harsh, overhead lighting should be avoided. Instead, make sure you have yellow light lamps and that they are strategically placed to create extra coziness.

3. Bring on color smoothness

Create an environment that feels peaceful and safe by choosing light paint colors. You can always opt by combining a neutral background with soft pops of a color you want to include in your pallete, but try to keep it smooth.

4. Home Living in a room

The living room is the staple of a home and has to be the materialization of a nest that feels comforting, being the best to welcome guests. Make sure you choose a good couch according to your taste, one focal piece such as a mirror or a painting, and useful elements, like baskets or a center table.

5. Let it bloom

Fresh flowers or plants make a great addition to our homes, helping to contribute to a cozier sensation. Plants kept in vases or baskets are perfect to bring on comfy vibes, especially in organic colors, having the benefit of adding textural pops to any room.

6. The power of scents

What we visualize is important, but scents level up the game of atmosphere creation. There are several options when it comes to fragrances, you just have to choose your favorite. You can try scented candles or diffusers, bringing not only a pleasant smell, but also a nice environment.

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