The right footwear for the first steps

Comfy footwear for babies and children

1. Arch Support: Designed especially to support the arch of their foot in order to reduce pain and to place the feet in the ideal position.

2. Non-Slip Sole: The non-slip sole protects the baby’s foot, allowing a perfect grip to any type of pavement, promoting greater stability.

3. Flexible Material: The sock material allows a perfect fit to the foot, without hurting or leaving marks. They allow free movement of the foot, so that it develops properly.

4. Easy to Put On: Without any type of buckle, snuggies allow children to put them on by themselves, promoting autonomy from an early age.

meia com sola para bebé ajustável ao pé como se estivesse descalço

When should babies start wearing shoes?
It's generally recommended to wait until babies are around 6-12 months old, or until they are walking independently, before introducing them to shoes.

What to consider when choosing shoes for babies and kids?
It's very important to choose shoes that fit properly and allow room for growth. Comfort is very important, the shoe should not hurt the foot or irritate the skin of the child - the quality of materials is essential. Safety is also very important, so you should look for shoes with non-slip soles that provide good traction and grip wood floors or tiles, especially for babies and young children who are learning to walk.

What size feet should the baby have?
So that the fit is perfect and the shoe does not hurt the foot it's important to measure the child's feet regularly, as their feet can grow quickly. At snuggies we have a size guide, to ensure you always choose the perfect size for the little ones.
See our size chart here.

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