8 Small steps for a more environmentally friendly home

Reduce the carbon footprint, live a more sustainable lifestyle and create a more environmentally friendly
home are goals that, through small gestures, are increasingly simple to fulfill in our routines.

Today, in celebration of World Earth Day and in partnership with Bioma Plants, we will be sharing with you some tips for an eco-friendlier home – because change starts with each of us! ♻ Share your tips and opinions with us and follow us on social media at @mysnuggies! 🤳

1. Use reusable packaging.

Glass water bottles or other durable material, Tupperware and lunch boxes are a few super practical options that we can introduce into our daily lives, in order to reduce the use of unnecessary resources such as plastic bottles or disposable cuvettes.

2. Opt for reusable alternatives.

A great way to reduce your household consumption of disposable options is to find substitutes that you can reuse: tissue napkins instead of paper ones, cleaning cloths instead of wipes, etc. Also, whenever you print something, think if the digital version doesn’t serve the same purpose!

3. Invest in good quality clothing and footwear.

The fashion industry is characterized by the short life cycles of products and for being one of the most polluting. In this sense, investing in products with high quality and durability combats the constant need to acquire new pieces of clothing and footwear and promotes the reduction of fast fashion productions, fighting the use of polluting raw materials and mass consumption.

4. Decorate your house with plants!

Plants are quite effective in cleaning indoor air. In addition, they are pleasant and make any space much more welcoming! Find your favorites at Bioma Plants.

casa com plantas
comida saudável

5. When possible, cold wash your clothes.

About 90% of the energy that the washing machine consumes is used to heat the water. Washing clothes in shorter cycles and at 20ºC instead of washing at 40ºC, for example, saves more than 60% of energy, which not only saves the environment, but also the electricity bill at the end of the month.

6. Avoid wasting water.

In the shower, brushing your teeth or doing the dishes, reflect a little: are you really saving as much water as possible? Just pay attention to the moments when you leave the tap running unnecessarily and try to make the most of the water. Also, why not use rainwater to water your plants or for other household tasks?

7. Change some eating habits.

Have you ever thought about the amount of food with an expiration date that goes to the trash in supermarkets because they are not purchased? To avoid waste, bring some of these foods home or support initiatives like @toogoodtogo. You can also try to meal prep, saving energy at home.

8. Invest on solid cosmetics.

Shampoos, soaps, deodorants, among others: more and more, there are several cosmetic options in solid format that, in addition to being more profitable and environmentally friendly, already have practical solutions to bring the items with us when necessary!

What are you going to do today to help the planet?

Share these tips on your socials and tell us what you think!  ” Don’t wait. Tomorrow may be too late to do the things you can do today.” – Ron Kaufman

8 Small steps for a more environmentally friendly home

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