What are snuggies?

More than a sock with sole, snuggies are the best substitute for conventional slippers and slippers.
In addition to quality and durability, they are light, ergonomic, breathable and flexible. The sole provides support and safety since it is non-slip. The snuggies are indoor footwear, which means they were designed to be worn indoors. Ideal for foot recovery, you can wear your snuggies at home, in the gym, or to visit a friend/family member.


1 - The sock is developed with carefully selected materials, that allow the free movement of the feet.
2 - In addition to ensuring arch support and safety due to being ergonomic and non-slip, all of our soles have a 50% bio composition.
3 - Due to the elasticity and quality of the sock, wearing snuggies provides a feeling of flexibility and comfort without hurting or getting loose.
4 - Also, the sole is injected, which ensures greater durability, avoiding material wear.

"The Snuggies came to give a new meaning to the expression "walking barefoot" at home. It is the comfort of having a sock on your feet combined with the functionality of the rubber sole that allows you to feel all the lightness of walking barefoot at home!"

Joana Ferreira

"Beautiful, extraordinarily comfortable and light, for me Snuggies were the best discovery in footwear. I’m an unconditional and potent collector fan ;-) (I already bought 4 pairs)."

Conceição Carvalho

"It was my best discovery of late 2021!!
They are super comfortable. I already have my Cozy Edition and can’t wait to use them!
Fast service and fantastic customer support !!
I am always recommending you to whom I know."

Maria Saraiva