In the Nordic countries there is a habit of leaving the shoes at the door. Do you know why they do it?
Find out bellow!
1. Microbe by microbe...

There are several studies that highlight the surprising amount of germs and microbes found only on the outside of a shoe, which can cause meningitis, respiratory and blood infections, among others. It is often said that shoes have more dirt than a toilet - a statement that didn't came up randomly. If the toilets usually have about 1,000 bacteria - or even less - a study by Good Morning America and the University of Arizona revealed that there are about 66 million of bacteria in our shoes, and 9 more species that can turn out to be very dangerous.

2. Out with the toxins!

Even herbicides and harmful products can be brought into our homes through footwear, even being stepped a week after application. In addition, exposure to chemicals can have higher repercussions than those found in non-biological products, and can result in problems such as rashes and gastrointestinal disorders.

3. Goodbye dirt

In addition to bacteria and toxins, which offer an invisible risk, there is another more obvious factor: dirt. From the dark spots on the soles to the traces of residue we carry with us, it’s easy to see the trail some shoes leave at home. In addition, another study addressed the worrying existence of lead dust inside our homes and demonstrated that 98% of it comes from abroad. Which means that to keep our space safer, we will have to invest more time and money in its sanitation.

4. A more durable home

The floor of our house is an important element in decorative terms, but also in relation to the ambient temperature, so it requires more attention in terms of maintenance compared to your investment. In addition, the friction of indoor footwear is much lower than that of outdoor, ensuring the service life of the floor for longer. In this sense, and considering that germs transfer easily to wood and textiles, the more care there is in terms of hygiene, the less need there will be in applying cleaning products and rubbing.

5. Hello there, neighbor!

How many times have you felt the presence of your neighbors due to the shoes they were wearing? If you live in an apartment, you know what we’re talking about! In addition to the hygiene and safety factor, this is an aspect that many have never considered and that has its importance. By wearing lighter and quieter shoes, you’re encouraging a relationship of respect and common sense in your building and at your home.

6. HomeSweetHome Mode On

After a busy day at work, who doesn’t like to disconnect from stress and relax? Creating the habit of changing shoes when you get home can contribute to this shift, even if it seems like a banal action. In addition to the mindset factor, this routine is healthy for our feet, allowing them another kind of freedom. For example, a study by the Frontiers in Pediatrics Journal proved that children who do not use the typical outdoor footwear at home show fewer cases of podiological deformation, and more flexibility and balance.